PEP, headquartered in Louisiana USA, is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and files an annual information return with the IRS.



Activities in Indonesia are conducted through KBMY, a Christian charitable organization incorporated to further the education of Papuans. KBMY is funded by grants from PEP and donations from PT Freeport Indonesia employees. KBMY has an all volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Indonesian PTFI employees.

The Yali/Kwamki-Lama Projects

The Yali
Supports students to continue their education in high schools, technical schools and universities near the provincial capital of Jayapura. At present, PEP supports 32 students to provide tuition, rent, food, school supplies and miscellaneous expenses at an average annual cost of $614 per student. Each student signs a contract stipulating grades, behavior and moral standards expected to be maintained to continue in the program. Needs: Our objectives are to expand the program to serve more students, open a study center, purchase desks, beds, dictionaries, Bibles and additional computers.

Kwamki Lama Project
KBMY runs schools in the village of Kwamki Lama, providing primary and supplementary education to Papuan children in order to develop fundamental skills in reading, writing, mathematics, basic hygiene, and Christian values. Needs: funds for school operating expenses, books, bibles, classroom materials, uniforms and school expansion to meet the ever growing demand for education in this poor village as the average student cost is now $497 per student.

General Papuan Scholarship

Awards scholarships to Papuan students semi-annually as recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the PEP Board. Scholarships are based on demonstrated academic excellence and financial need. Priority will be given to students studying within the province of Indonesia, but may be awarded to students engaged in foreign study in exceptional cases, subject to the availability of funds. Fifteen percent of PEP contributions are set aside for scholarships.Omega Replica Watches